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Electric Water Heater Replacement in Los Altos Hills, California

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Our licensed technicians performed an electric water heater replacement in Los Altos Hills, California. The customer specifically requested the same plumber who came for a diagnostic before — that's how much they liked our team's professionalism. The problem with the old heater was that there has been water slowly coming out of it. Fuse tech warned about this issue during the diagnostic and told the customer to keep a close eye on it. So they did and eventually decided to replace the old water heater.

What Do You Need to Perform an Electric Water Heater Replacement?

Firstly, our plumbers dismounted and hauled away the old water heater. Then they installed the new equipment according to the building standards. During this project our techs delivered:
  • Electric water heater replacement 50 gal (without relocation);
  • Expansion tank;
  • Drip pan;
  • Electric work;
  • Water hoses;
  • Accessories and straps.

Qualified and certified specialists provided this water heater replacement.