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7 Reasons It's Time to Eliminate That Faucet Leak

We hate to break it to you, but that faucet leak is not a "whatever". Actually, a leaky faucet can fill an eight-ounce glass in 15 minutes. Like that, it will waste up to 3000 gallons a year! Check out this infographic by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that shows you the amount of wasted water from the faucet leak.
As you can see from the picture, the faucet leak not only is wasting the water — it is also wasting your money. Yes, the dripping is reflected in your water bill. If you do not get rid of those leaks, you will continue paying more.
But fear not — we have amazing plumbers here at FUSE. They will detect the faucet leak, evaluate the scale of the problem and fix everything in no time. You wouldn't even notice that they were there. What you will notice though is the reduction of your water bill. That would be quite pleasant, wouldn't it?
To eliminate those leaks once and for all, drop our plumbers an email at support@fuseservice.com or call (408) 721-2530.

We will take care of that faucet leak. Bye, huge bills! Hello, blissful silence without drips!