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Dangers of Old Plumbing Pipes

Don't we all just love the old houses? The charm of crown molding, hardwood floors, ghosts... of good plumbing which is not there any more. Unfortunately, the fancy facades of old houses hide not only history and character, but also a number of problems. One of them can possibly be ancient pipes.

What Are the Dangers of Old Pipes?

Any home built before 1990s could potentially have one of the most common plumbing pipes with issues:


Lead is one of the oldest materials used to build pipes. And it is very toxic. Exposure to it may result in gastrointestinal pain, irritability, fatigue, and memory loss.

Polybutylene pipes

Polybutylene pipes are very fragile and they do not match the current US building codes. The chance you have it in your house is low, but better safe than sorry.


Galvanized pipe is made of iron and coated with a layer of zinc. With time, zinc erodes and leaves the pipe to corrosion and breakage.
With great home comes great responsibility. If you are worried your pipes might be too old, contact our plumbers. They can re-pipe your whole house and get rid of the old pipes leaving only the old charm. Give us a call at (669) 242-5354 or support@fuseservice.com to schedule a free estimate.