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Reverse Osmosis Filter Installation in Woodside, California

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Fuse Service licensed contractor performed a reverse osmosis filter installation in Woodside, California. Reverse osmosis filter helps to improve the water quality and make it softer. The average water hardness for Bay Area residents is 100-300 PPM (parts per million or mass per volume or parts of something which is not water in your water). In human language it means either hard or very hard. So there are plenty of calcium and magnesium minerals that can be harmful to your possessions and appliances.

Why Do You Need a Reverse Osmosis Filter?

To improve the quality of water and life. Did you know, that the following are caused by using hard water on a daily basis:
  • Chlorine or metal taste in the drinking water;
  • Kidney stones forming and general negative impact on your health;
  • Dry skin and hair;
  • Frequent calls to your plumber. Steel pipes also suffer from hard water;
  • Scale build-up on plumbing fixtures and appliances (coffee pot or faucets).
Reverse osmosis filter helps soften the water and make it less harmful. With this type of filter the water goes through several membranes that leave out all the nasty stuff and leaves only pure water. The contaminants are flushed down the drain as well as your worries!
In this project our plumbers helped the customer have softer water. For that they drilled a hole on counter top for facet reverse osmosis filter and then installed the system itself. Now, the water from tap is safer to drink and use.

Qualified and certified specialists provided this reverse osmosis filter installation.Reverse Osmosis Filter Installation in Woodside, California