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Fuse Service Inc. Is a Rinnai Dealer Now. What Does This Mean?

We are happy to announce that Fuse Service has become an official Rinnai Dealer. That means that we represent this water heater company. You can be sure that we install your Rinnai water heater strictly according to all the codes and regulations. We also provide all the necessary information about your new heater prior the installation and help you with the warranty. But we'll tell you a little secret: Rinnai owners rarely apply for the warranty repairs. Just because it is never needed!

What Can a Rinnai Dealer Do?

Our new status means that we are officially recognized by Rinnai as the dealer. This implies that we regularly complete trainings at their training centres, can brief you on all the models as well as carry out all the installation and repair of their equipment. That includes but is not limited to:
  • Tankless water heaters;
  • Tankless Rack Systems;
  • Boilers;
  • Hybrid solutions;
  • Air Handlers;
  • Vent furnaces.
Want to know more? Contact us with any question about the equipment we provide. Our customer support works 24/7, so you can call at any time — (669) 235-8585.